Bitterley Primary School Governors Impact Statement

Bitterley Primary School Governors Impact Statement

Leadership and Management

Action  2012-2016

Academy status achieved within the Bishop Anthony Educational Trust.

Age Range Extension 2-11 years.

Wrap around care in-house set up.

Effectively addressed high turnover of Governors.

Raised school numbers to 119.

Significantly improved safeguarding procedures with electronic gates and doors.

Explored alternative parking options to alleviate present problem and improve safekeeping of children.


Action 2016-2018

Recruited new Governors with suitable skills and experience to address identified needs including interim Chairman.

Restructured the roles of each Governor.

Altered committee profile to Standards and Resources Committees.

Linked yearly calendar into the BAET (Bishop Anthony Educational Trust) and schools reporting cycle.

Implemented training programme for new Governors.

Absorbed BAET Multi Academy Trust restructuring.

Balanced budget while meeting the school’s needs.

Continued rolling maintenance program.

Terms of reference for committees reviewed.

Maintained Outstanding SIAMS[1] grade in the 2017 inspection.

Maintained Good OFSTED grade in the 2018 inspection.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Support investment of programs such as Read Write Inc.

Teacher Lead Foundation Stage Unit

Started the rolling program of review and subject performance


Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

Surveys commissioned



Reviewed the Evaluation and Development plan.

Data group put in place to coincide with 60 day cycle.

Through CPD[2] Governors have developed their ability to question outcomes information including data and headteacher’s report.

Worked with Headteacher to identify priorities for next year.


[1] Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools

[2] Continuing Professional Development