Culture Activities for children!



CCS (Culture Consortium Shropshire) have put together a list of fantastic cultural events, activities and resources that can be accessed from home. These include opportunities which are local to Shropshire, as well as regional and national.

Opportunities are being shared fortnightly through an e-news and via social media.

Please go to the Culture Consortium Shropshire Website to sign up to the e-news and see what opportunities are available.

Two local arts organisations have been in touch this week with opportunities for pupils.

Caldecott Festival Group – ‘Little Artist Challenge’

Poster attached, explaining how pupils can get involved.

Can you help? Caldecott Festival need 1,000 ‘little artists’ to help create a ‘Natural World’ masterpiece!

‘The Little Artists Challenge’ is a project to team up 1,000 local children and young people with local Shropshire professional artist, Sarah Evans, to encourage creativity and to produce a large-scale community art piece, inspired by nature, for local display (Whitchurch).

Sarah needs colourful pictures of any natural forms that children can see around them – bugs or creatures, flowers, leaves or a whole tree etc, it is up to you!

It doesn’t have to be very detailed, just a bold, clear image works best. Pictures need to be A4 sized and clearly marked with your first name and age on the front.

Sarah Evans, is aiming to produce a multiple, patchwork style, canvas creation using images inspired by the art work of 1,000 children.

Please complete your pictures by Friday 17 July and send them to Sarah at

Below is the link to Sarah’s video .

The 1000 participating young people will be awarded with small sketch books. These will be presented at the official hanging of the masterpiece later in the year. We shall also award a sketch book for every 100th piece of art received.

It would be wonderful if you could let your pupils and their parents know about this opportunity please.

Shropshire Drama Company (SDC) has organised a ‘record a reading’ competition based on the theme of Florence Nightingale


To commemorate the recent 200th anniversary since her birth and a date that is now celebrated as International Nurses’ Day, people are being invited to submit a recited speech or poem (in part or whole) based loosely on the theme of Florence Nightingale.  For example, the piece may be a poem about war, whether by Shakespeare or a present day writer, a Winston Churchill speech or contain the name Florence or the word nightingale; may have been written in the year that Florence Nightingale was born – 1820; or even an extract from one of her books and letters. Self-penned submissions from writers keen to step in front of the camera, as well hose not so keen but who have managed to persuade a friend or family member to read their piece, are also welcomed.

Prizes will be awarded for the winning entries and, depending on government guidelines regarding Coronavirus, SDC aims to organise an evening of performances later in the year. Winners will be announced on 13 August, the date of Florence Nightingale’s passing in 1910.


Entry is free and submissions can be made by individuals or groups of no more than four people, where social distancing has been observed. They should be no longer than two and a half minutes and sent to SDC by 31 July, 2020 using the following media:


1 As an attachment in a message to SDC’s Facebook page at

2 File transfer using for example, or Dropbox, and emailed to

3 YouTube link emailed to


Commenting on the competition, chair of SDC Rosalind Garrard, said: “We are living during unprecedented and extraordinary times, which have not only disrupted SDC’s planned productions but may yet have a devastating on the arts as a whole and in the wider context, may alter all of our lives. To keep positive, to keep performance skills honed and to encourage creativity we are setting up this competition which we hope will stir the imagination and raise the spirits resulting in some truly creative and inspired recitals. We hope that anyone with any sort of dramatic interest will take up the challenge and run with it!”


For more information email SDC at: