Fantastic Fir Resource Page

The resources below are for guidance only. Please remember that all we ask is that you keep your child’s mind active, we are not expecting you to recreate school in a home environment.

Your child can also email Mrs Tabram at the following email address. This is so that children can continue to keep in contact with their teacher.

13th July 2020

Week 12 advice

English adverbs tasks

English poetry task from Bitesize

French days of the week wordsearch

French Days of the week

French Months of the year

French Snakes and ladder game

Maths – recognising turns poster

Maths following instructions

Maths understanding turns

Origami art 2

Origami art 3

Origami Art

Tour de France Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Wednesday maths 2

Wednesday maths 3

Wednesday maths

6th July 2020

Week 11 advice

Wednesday translation maths all groups 2

Wednesday translation maths all groups

Travelling sounds

Tuesday maths all groups

Suffix word search

Stage 4 Check 11

Stage 4 Check 11 Answers

Stage 3 Check 11 Answers

My Lockdown Haiku PowerPoint

Stage 3 Check 11

Sound investigation

Sorting sounds

My Lockdown Haiku Writing Frame

Monday maths all goups

Monday maths all groups 2

Monday maths all groups

How to write a Haiku poem

French family names wordsearch

French family names

Friday co ordinates challenge

French family book

Friday maths all groups

er and est endings

Carnival Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Thanks to Travis who sent this photo in. It looks amazing Travis!


29th June 2020

Week 10 advice

Adding subordinate clauses 1

Conjunction mat for creating subordinate clauses

Flower colouring -french colours

French colour word search

French colours

Good Vibrations Sound Game

Ivan the Terrible questions

Ivan the Terrible text

Monday 3 D shape challenges all groups

Monday 3 D shape poster all groups (1)

Monday 3 D shape poster all groups

Monday all groups shapes and properties (1)

Monday all groups shapes and properties

Powerful adjectives

Seeing sound investigation (1)

Seeing sound investigation

Sound Survey

Stage 3 Check 10 Answers

Stage 3 Check 10

Stage 4 Check 10 Answers

Stage 4 Check 10

Tuesday A cone net

Tuesday A cube net

Tuesday A cuboid net

Tuesday A cylinder net

Wednesday shape mastery challenges all groups

22nd June

Week 9 advice

Food facts for Information page Literacy

French numbers 1

French numbers 2

French numbers 3

Friday maths challenge

Improving sentences all groups

Monday angles amber

Monday angles green 1

Monday angles green 2

Monday angles red

R,E, Islamic patterns

Reading comprehension all groups

Science sorting into food groups

Stage 3 Check 9 Answers

Stage 3 Check 9

Stage 4 Check 9 Answers

Stage 4 Check 9

The eat well plate outline

Tuesday maths all groups

Tuesday maths all groups challenge cards

Tuesday maths amber and red Answers – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Tuesday maths amber and red group

Wednesday maths amber and red

Wednesday maths green

15th June 2020

Week 8 advice

Monday all groups

Monday maths all groups

SCIENCE Classification science activity

SCIENCE vertebrate and invertebrates sorting activity

Shape challenge

Stage 3 Check 8 Answers

Stage 3 Check 8

Stage 4 Check 8 Answers

Stage 4 Check 8

The Quran fact sheet

Tuesday maths amber group

Tuesday maths green

Tuesday maths red group

Wednesday shape game 2

Wednesday shape game

8th June

Week 7 advice

Animal Skeletons Hedgehogs Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Mathopoly A3 Board Game

Mathopoly Certificate Mathopoly Challenge Cards

Mathopoly Chance Cards

Mathopoly Score Board Monday Green, Amber, Red

R.E. Islamic patterns

Skeleton activity

Stage 3 Check 7 Answers

Stage 3 Check 7

Stage 4 Check 7 Answers

Stage 4 Check 7

Tuesday maths Amber and Red

Tuesday maths Green and Amber

Wednesday maths rangoli patterns – all groups

Wednesday maths rangoli patterns – all groups

1st June 2020

Week 6 advice

Amber Tuesday maths

Green and Amber maths answers Monday

Green and Amber maths Monday

Green Tuesday maths

Red maths Monday

Red maths Wednesday 2

Red maths Wednesday

Stage 3 Check 6 Answers

Stage 3 Check 6

Stage 4 Check 6 Answers

Stage 4 Check 6

Tuesday maths Red

Wednesday maths Green and Amber

Word family sheets 2

Word family sheets

18th May 2020

Week 5 advice

Expanded Noun Phrases Activity Sheets

Friday 6 times tables

Friday 7 times tables

Friday 8 times tables

Friday times table game 2 rules

Friday times table game 2

Friday times table game

Monday maths amber

Monday maths green time matching cards

Monday maths red analogue and digital times

Royal Academy of Arts Kids Page

Science cross section of teeth

Science human teeth

Stage 3 Check 5 Answers

Stage 3 Check 5

Stage 4 Check 5 Answers

Stage 4 Check 5

Tues maths differentiated

Wednesday maths

11th May 2020

Week 4 advice

Adults Guide to Apostrophes

Answers – Telling the Time to 5 Minutes

English Apostrophes 1

English Apostrophes 2

English Apostrophes 3

Friday times table activities all groups

Monday maths Amber answers

Monday maths Amber

Monday maths Green

Monday maths Red

R.E. Ramadam information page



Stage 3 Check 4 Answers

Stage 3 Check 4

Stage 4 Check 4 Answers

Stage 4 Check 4

Tuesday maths Differentiated activities

Wednesday maths game O’Clock, Half Past, Quarter To and Past board game

Wednesday maths game 5 Minute Intervals board game

4th May 2020

Week 3 advice

Friday times table activities all groups

Insect labelling activity

Miinibeast check list

Minibeast habitat recording sheet

Minibeast hotel

Monday Money week 3 amber

Monday money week 3 green

Monday Money week 3 red

Speech marks differentiated activities

Speech marks home activity pack

Stage 3 Check 3 Answers

Stage 3 Check 3

Stage 4 Check 3 Answers

Stage 4 Check 3

Tuesday Money week 3 green and amber

Tuesday money week 3 red

Week 3 Wednesday maths

Woodlice investigation

27th April 2020

Week 2 advice

Adverbial Sort

Fronted Adverbials Writing Prompt

How Did It Happen

Spot the Adverbial

Spot the Missing Comma

When Did It Happen

Where Did It Happen

PlanIt User Guide

Activity Sheet Grouping Plants

Activity Sheet Woodland Habitat Classification Key TP2-S-192-PlanIt-Science-Year-4-Living-Things-and-Their-Habitats-Home-Learning-Tasks

Friday multiplication amber

Friday multiplication green

Friday multiplication red

Modelling digestion science

Monday amber

Monday green

Monday red

Reading comprehension

Science woodland habitats

Sentence openers

Stage 3 Check 2 Answers

Stage 3 Check 2

Stage 4 Check 2 Answers

Stage 4 Check 2

Story planning sheet

Tuesday amber

Tuesday green

Tuesday red

Week 2 Wednesday maths

20th April

Week 1 advice

Friday times table challenge amber

Friday times table challenge green (2)

Friday times table challenge red

Improving sentences

Monday money week 1

Settings writing

Spelling tips

Stage 3 Check 1 Answers

Stage 3 Check 1

Stage 4 Check 1 Answers

Stage 4 Check 1

Tuesday money week 1 (2)

Week 1 Wednesday maths

Year 3 and 4 spelling list