Helen and Ben’s Cooking Academy

Ben and his mum have been giving our school community lots of cooking inspiration in the last few months. Here is this week’s installments! 

Instructions from Ben and his mum! Video LINK

Elderflower Ice Cream Video LINK

Elderflower Cordial Video LINK

Written Instructions:


2 Bowls
Hand whisk
Loaf tin/Container with lid
Large Metal Spoon
Cling Film
3 Medium Egg Whites
150g Caster Sugar
300ml Double  Cream
75ml Elderflower Cordial
Grated Rind 1-2  lemons 🍋 or Limes
Place loaf tin/ container in the freezer
Wash hands
Whisk Egg whites in a bowl until fluffy.
Add sugar and whisk until glossy. Set aside.
In another bowl whisk tbe cream until it thickens.
Gently combine Cream and Egg whites.
Add in zest and cordial mix
Take container from freezer. Fill with your ice cream mixture.  Cover with either cling film or if container has a lid.
Place in freezer. It will take 5 hrs for it to freeze/ set.
Take from freezer..thaw for a few minutes ..then enjoy..🍦🍧
I think this is a recipe you can experiment with.. maybe fruit could be added..whole..or in a puree to make a ripple effect..
Or vanilla essence/paste instead of Cordial.
There are 3 spare egg yolks from this recipe..maybe make the sugar cookies. Substitute the vanilla with lemon rind. Make an elderflower icing to drizzle over cookies.
Lemon Curd.
Happy Baking.
Large Bowl
Sharp Knife
Measuring Jug
Large Saucepan
Kitchen Roll
Sterilised Bottle
Cling Film
15-20 Elderflower heads
1-2 Unwaxed Lemons
1 Litre Boiling Water
600g Sugar
Go for a lovely  walk and pick your elderflower heads..apparently they are best picked on a sunny day. Also do not  pick from near the road side.
Firstly shake your elderflower heads to de bug them..amazing how many little bugs hang out in there..🐛
Cut away the larger stalks off the heads and place in your bowl.
Slice lemons 🍋 and add to bowl. Carefully pour over your boiling water.
Cover with cling film and leave overnight.
Next day……
Remove  lemon. Set aside.
Remove elderflower heads. Discard
Put a square of kitchen roll in the sieve.
Place sieve over large saucepan. Strain your elderflower liquor.
Add sugar. Add saved lemons.
Heat on stove until sugar dissolves..stir occasionally.
Simmer for 10 minutes until liquor is reduced and appears syrupy.
Leave to cool
Change kitchen roll in sieve for a new sheet. Strain again into  measuring jug.. Can be a bit messy and sticky!!
Pour into sterilised bottle.
Keep in Fridge. For about a month.
Add to sparkling water..ice … and lemon.. drink and enjoy.