Instrument of Governance

Instrument of Governance – Bitterley Primary School Academy 2 -11 – April 2019

Name Governor Committee Link Governor/area of interest Term of Office Ends Declaration of Business Interest
Will Davies (Head) Ex Officio Resources/ Standards


N/A N/A None
Becky Plant Staff


Standards N/A N/A None
Karen Parry Co-opted


Resources Premises/H&S N/A None
Judith Roele Foundation


Standards/Resources Safeguarding


2019 None
Amanda Parker  Foundation Standards Maths  2023 Teaching Assistant at Cleobury Mortimor
Linda Webb  Foundation Standards SEND/Disadvantaged, 2022 None
Imogen Jones Parent Standards Effectiveness of Early Years, 2020  None
Jo Hastie


Parent Standards Science, PE 2020 None
Luci Grey Parent Standards Literacy 2023 None
James Wardle Community Standards/Resources Healthy schools/ICT/Finance 28.6.21