Instrument of Governance

Instrument of Governance – Bitterley Primary School Academy 2 -11 – January 2019

Name Governor Committee Link Governor/area of interest Term of Office Ends Declaration of Business Interest
Will Davies (Head) Ex Officio Resources/ Standards


N/A N/A None
Becky Plant Staff


Standards N/A N/A None
Karen Parry Co-opted


Resources Premises/H&S N/A None
Judith Roele Foundation


Standards/Resources Safeguarding


2019 None
Amanda Parker  Foundation Standards Maths  2023 Teaching Assistant at Cleobury Mortimor
Linda Webb  Foundation Standards SEND/Disadvantaged, 2022 None
Imogen Jones Parent Standards Effectiveness of Early Years, 2020  None
Jo Hastie


Parent Standards English 2020 None
James Wardle Community Standards/Resources Healthy schools/ICT/Finance/H&R 28.6.21