Marches Family Network


The Marches Family Network use our facilities on a monthly basis. The collaboration has been very successful.

The Commissioning Service Manager Early Help and Front Door Services for Shropshire council recently visited Bitterley Primary School to observe one of the Marches Family Network Play Days . This was her assessment of the inter agency partnership:
“I am writing to say how impressed I was with the working relationship that Marches described with you as a school…for children who may live in the surrounding communities of Shropshire but do not attend your school. We are grateful for this as you clearly have a wonderful setting with appropriate facilities and you are willing to support us in opening them up for other children and families.  Whilst I was there I was highly impressed with the extent to which you open the school up, the provider has good quality activities , levels of staffing and quality assurance processes in place and it was clear to see the range of equality messages and displays that you have around the school.  All of this was endorsed by the way it was obvious the children enjoyed coming to the session and feedback from the parents I spoke to.
This is an excellent example of partnership working and we would benefit from more schools doing similar.”
Sarah Wilkins, Shropshire Council, July 2016