Sports Funding

If you would like to know why the sports funding is so important then please watch this video:

5 Extra Years.

Mrs Archer took a group of Dancers to Kidderminster College in 2018. This was their amazing performance!

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Ongoing Sports Funding Report

Budget 2017-2018 FINAL

Since September 2013 each Primary school has received extra sports funding through the Sports Pupil Premium. In our school this will amount to around £16,500 for 2017-18. We intend to use this allocation to achieve a number of sustainable objectives:

BUDGET for the Academic year 2018/2019 – £16,500

  1. To provide travel to and from some sporting events.
  2. To further develop and enhance the opportunities for inter-school competition and competitive sport.
  3. To apply for the Sainsbury’s Silver Award.
  4. To maintain participation levels across each Key Stage.

A BBC article from September 2014 provides some interesting insight into the Sports Premium money.

“Ministers say the Premium, which will continue until 2020, is enough to pay for a PE teacher two days a week. The government commissioned NatCen Social Research to find out how primary schools had spent the money. Interviews carried out in primary schools between April and July this year found

  • Three-quarters had used the money on new equipment or to provide after-school sports clubs
  • A fifth said they had made after-school club sports completely free
  • 84% said the money had helped them boost pupils’ engagement with PE during lessons
  • 83% said more pupils were attending after-school sports clubs.
  • 91% reported an improvement in the quality of PE teaching, with the remainder saying it had stayed the same
  • 96% said pupils were fitter and healthier
  • 93% saw better behaviour among pupils
  • 63% said they had increased the number of competitive sport fixtures against other schools


The researchers found that the proportion of schools using specialist PE teachers rose from about a fifth (22%), to over half (54%).