Sports Champions

Sports Champions and Sports Apprentice


This year we are very pleased to have a sports apprentice – Leigh Bowen – at school. She will be leading many new sports developments!!!

Mrs Archer has recruited Sports Champions (Year 6) and Sports Leaders (Year 5) to plan and run sporting events for the school during lunch times. As a sports champion and sports leader – children help to promote physical activity within school whilst teaching different sporting skills and having fun! 

Tuesday 13th March

 Sports Champions ran their second event – Rugby skills to KS1. The Sports Champions planned their activities and ran them as a team. They taught about catching skills and how to score a Try!

IMG_20180313_125956  IMG_20180313_130114 IMG_20180313_131033    IMG_20180313_130047

31st January 2018 – Netball Skills

  • Sports Champions and Sports Leaders ran their first event. This was a netball skills session for KS1 – the children taught the pivot skill and how to execute a bounce pass!

IMG_20180131_125557 IMG_20180131_130434 IMG_20180131_130831