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The resources below are for guidance only. Please remember that all we ask is that you keep your child’s mind active, we are not expecting you to recreate school in a home environment.

Your child can also email Ms Jones at the following email address. This is so that children can continue to keep in contact with their teacher.


13th July 2020

Weekly Message – Week 12

All About Postcards PPT – Literacy

At the Seaside Wrting Opportunities – Literacy

Check Your Change From 10p – Maths

Design Your Own Sun Hat – Additional Learning

Harry Hermit Letter – Literacy

Ice Cream Number Bonds to 20 – Maths

Keeping Safe in the Sun Poster – Additional Learning

Money – Making Amounts – Maths

Opposite Matching Game – Maths

Pack for Sun Safety Cut and Stick – Additional Learning

Paper Plate Sun Instruction – Additional Learning

Paying for Ice Cream – Maths

Postcard Template – Literacy

Sammy Seagulls Summer Safety Story ppt – Additional Learning

Seaside Booklet – Literacy Resources

Seaside Maths Booklet – Maths

Shell Number Bonds – Maths

Souvenir Shop Items – Maths

Spot the Dangers Posters – Additional Learning

Spot the Difference Seaside Scenes – Weekly Message

Summer Themed Maths Activity Book – Maths

Sun Safety Poster Design -Additional Learning

Sun Sea and Beach Safety Board Game Board – Additional Learning

Sun Sea and Beach Safety Board Game Cards – Additional Learning

Water Safety Passport Certificate – Additional Learning

Water Safety Passport Guidance – Additional Learning

Water Safety Passport Slides – Additional Learning

Week 12 Additional Learning


WW Week 12 Literacy

WW Week 12 Maths

WW Week 12 Phonics

6th July 2020

Weekly Message – Week 11

Finger Print Penguin Art – Additional Learning

Ice Painting Ideas- Additional Learning

Ice Escape Investigation Activity

Virtual Sports Day – Additional Learning

Ice Investigation Template – Additional Learning

Instructions for Ted Harrison Inspired Art – Additional Learning

Images of Ted Harrison Art – Additional Learning

Shape Penguin Cut and Stick Spoon Challenge – Maths

How to Draw a Penguin – Additional Learning

WW Week 11 Additional Planning

Polar Bear Template – Additional Learning

Finley Fish Capacity Letter – Maths

Cube Size Ordering Nets – Maths

WW Week 11 Maths

Story Planner – Literacy

Labelling a Penguin – Literacy Penguin Facts – Literacy

Penguin Fact File – Literacy

Book Review Template – Literacy

Gruffalo’s Child Recipe Template -Literacy

WW Week 11 Literacy

WW Week 11 Phonics

29th June 2020

Weekly Message – Week 10

Messy Magpie Ebook pdf – Weekly Message

The Goldfish by Paul Klee

Messy Magpie Recycling Activity – Weekly Message

WW Week 10 Literacy

Coat Hanger Balancing Scales – Maths

WW Week 10 Maths

Seaside Rhyming Words – Literacy

Ocean Acrostic Poem PPT – Literacy

Seaside Senses Poem Template – Literacy

Under the Sea Shape Poem template – Literacy

Creating Ocean Shape Poetry PPT – Literacy

Sea Creature Descriptions – Literacy

WW Week 10 Phonics

Weighing Challenge – Maths

The Prodigal Son Stick Puppets – Additional Resources

The Prodigal Son Role Play Masks – Additional Learning

The-Prodigal-Son-Story-PPT – Additional Learning

Litter Cut-Outs – Additional Learning

Sea Creature Cut-Outs – Additional Learning

Looking After Our Oceans Discussion Cards – Additional Learning

WW Week 10 Additional Planning

Biscuit Recipe – Maths

The Prodigal Son Sequencing Resoures – Additional Learning The Goldfish by Paul Klee

22nd June 2020

Weekly Message – Week 9

1m Ruler – Maths

25 cm Ruler – Maths

Bear Ordering and Measuring – Maths

Draw and Measure Lines – Maths

Example of a Newspaper Report Script – Literacy

Handwriting Practise Booklet – Additional Learning

Jonah and the Whale Story Sequencing – Additional Learning

Jonah’s Thoughts – Additional Learning

Measuring Snakes – Maths

Measuring Squares – Maths

National Sports Week 2020 Challenges – Additional Learning

Newspaper Report Template – Literacy

No Cook Play Dough Recipe – Additional Learning

Seeing More of the World Template – Literacy

Snail Character Template – Literacy

Thank You Letter from the Snail to the Whale template – Literacy

The Snail and the Whale Settings – Literacy

Under Water Creatures Sorting Cards – Additional Learning

World Map – Additional Learning

WW Week 9 Additional Learning Planning

WW Week 9 Literacy

WW Week 9 Maths

WW Week 9 Phonics

Youth Sport Trust Activities Ideas – Additional Learning

15th June 2020

Weekly Message – Week 8

10 Frames – Maths Resources

Father’s Day Card Template – Additional Learning

Heat Absorption Ice Cube Experiment – Additional Learning

Ideas for Father’s Day Cards – Additional Learning

Ladybird-and-Spots-Cut-Outs – Additional Learning

My Nocturnal Animals Write-up! – Literacy

Nocturnal Animal Art Ideas – Additional Learning

Nocturnal Animals Word Mat – Literacy

Numicon Number Shapes – Maths

Odds and Evens Activity Booklet – Weekly Message Resources

Odds and Evens Paper Chain Making – Additional Learning

Paper-Plate-Diva-Lamp-Craft-Instructions – Additional Learning

Shadow Puppet Templates – Additional Learning

Shadow Science Experiment – Additional Learning

WW Week 8 Additional Planning

WW Week 8 Literacy

WW Week 8 Maths

WW Week 8 Phonics

Salt Dough Recipe – Additional Learning

8th June

Weekly Message – Week 7

A Tale of Two Feathers ebook – Additional Learning


Double and Half Game -Maths

Golden Coins and Characters for Pirate Panda Sharing Activity – Maths

Halving and Doubling Challenge Cards – Maths

Ladybird Halving – Maths

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Information – Additional Learning

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals Sorting Activity Additional Learning

The Starry Night – Additional Learning

The Story of the Lost Sheep Puppets – Additional Learning

Tree Silhouette for Starry Night Picture – Additional Learning

WW Week 7 Additional Planning

WW Week 7 Literacy

WW Week 7 Maths

WW Week 7 Phonics

1st June 2020

Weekly Message – Week 6

British-Birds Powerpoint – Additional Planning

British-Birds-Display-Photos – Additional Planning

Coronavirus Family Discussion Cards – Additional Planning

Double Magician’s Challenge Cards – Maths

Garden Bird Bar Chart – Additional Planning

Garden Birds Factfiles – Weekly Message

Garden Birds Sighting Checklist – Additional Planning

Letter from Bill – Literacy

Lost Poster – Literacy

Mindfulness Bird Colouring – Additional Planning

Numicon Cards – Maths Planning

Origami Bird 1 – Additional Planning

Origami Bird 2 – Additional Planning

Owl Babies Story Map – Literacy

Owl Paper Plate Craft – Additional Planning

Paint Splat Owl – Additional Planning

Part Whole Model Template – Maths Planning

Spring Bird Hunt Checklist – Additional Planning

The Story of Hanukkah – Additional Planning

WW Week 6 Additional Planning

WW Week 6 Literacy

WW Week 6 Maths

WW Week 6 Phonics

Doctor Dog Explains Coronavirus ebook

18th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 5

Capital Letter Formation – Literacy

Counting Back from 10 -Maths

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Mini Diary – Literacy

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Sequencing – Literacy

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Word Mat – Literacy

Jaspar’s Top of the Beanstalk Writing Cloud – Literacy

Subtraction from 20 -Maths

WW Week 5

Additional Planning

WW Week 5 Literacy

WW Week 5 Maths

WW Week 5 Phonics

11th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 4

The Cautious Caterpillar Story – Additional Learning

WW Week 4 Maths


Butterfly Template – Additional Learning

Comic Strip – Literacy

Friday Phonic Challenge Words – Literacy

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Photographs – Additional Learning

Pattern Frames – Maths

Triangle and Circle Cut Outs – Maths

Very Hungry Caterpillar Word Mat – Literacy

WW Week 4 Additional Learning WW Week 4 Literacy

WW Week 4 Phonics

4th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 3

African Animal Folk Stories – Additional Learning

African Animal Mindfulness Colouring – Additional Planning

African Fabric Patterns – Additional Planning

Animal Facts – Additional Planning

Bingo Game List of Words- Phonics

Book Review – Literacy

Colour Boards


Gerarld the Giraffe Character Profile – Literacy

Growth Mindset Parental Information – Additional Learning

Growth Mindset Scenario Discussion Cards- Additional Learning

How Anansi Got 8 Thin Legs – Literacy

How to Draw Jungle Animals – Additional Planning

Main – Answers Main – Mixed Order

Maths Resources Week 3

Places of Worship Powerpoint – Additional Learning

Reverse Number Lines – Mathematics

Silhouette Cut-Outs – AL

The Best Dress Ever Talk Cards – Additional Learning

Vertical Number Line 0-10 -Maths

Vertical Number Line 0-20-Maths

WW Week 3 Additional Planning

WW Week 3 Literacy

WW Week 3 Maths

WW Week 3 Phonics

27th April 2020

Weekly Message – Week 2

0-10 Number Line – Mathematics

0-20 Number Line- Mathematics

0-30 Number Line – Mathematics

Blank Number Line 0-20- Mathematics

Blank Number Line 0-10-Mathematics

Christian Churches ppt – Additional Planning

High Frequency Words – Literacy

Puppet Show Script – Additional Planning

Tree Labelling – Literacy

Vegetable Word Mat – Literacy

WW Week 2 Additional Planning

WW Week 2 Literacy

WW Week 2 Maths

WW Week 2 Phonics (1)

20th April

Introductory Message

Places Star Grid Summer ’20

WW Week 1 Additional Planning

WW Week 1 Literacy

WW Week 1 Maths

WW Week 1 Phonics