Wondrous Willow Resource Page

The resources below are for guidance only. Please remember that all we ask is that you keep your child’s mind active, we are not expecting you to recreate school in a home environment.

Your child can also email Ms Jones at the following email address. This is so that children can continue to keep in contact with their teacher.


18th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 5

Capital Letter Formation – Literacy

Counting Back from 10 -Maths

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Mini Diary – Literacy

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Sequencing – Literacy

Jaspar’s Beanstalk Word Mat – Literacy

Jaspar’s Top of the Beanstalk Writing Cloud – Literacy

Subtraction from 20 -Maths

WW Week 5

Additional Planning

WW Week 5 Literacy

WW Week 5 Maths

WW Week 5 Phonics

11th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 4

The Cautious Caterpillar Story – Additional Learning

WW Week 4 Maths


Butterfly Template – Additional Learning

Comic Strip – Literacy

Friday Phonic Challenge Words – Literacy

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Photographs – Additional Learning

Pattern Frames – Maths

Triangle and Circle Cut Outs – Maths

Very Hungry Caterpillar Word Mat – Literacy

WW Week 4 Additional Learning WW Week 4 Literacy

WW Week 4 Phonics

4th May 2020

Weekly Message – Week 3

African Animal Folk Stories – Additional Learning

African Animal Mindfulness Colouring – Additional Planning

African Fabric Patterns – Additional Planning

Animal Facts – Additional Planning

Bingo Game List of Words- Phonics

Book Review – Literacy

Colour Boards


Gerarld the Giraffe Character Profile – Literacy

Growth Mindset Parental Information – Additional Learning

Growth Mindset Scenario Discussion Cards- Additional Learning

How Anansi Got 8 Thin Legs – Literacy

How to Draw Jungle Animals – Additional Planning

Main – Answers Main – Mixed Order

Maths Resources Week 3

Places of Worship Powerpoint – Additional Learning

Reverse Number Lines – Mathematics

Silhouette Cut-Outs – AL

The Best Dress Ever Talk Cards – Additional Learning

Vertical Number Line 0-10 -Maths

Vertical Number Line 0-20-Maths

WW Week 3 Additional Planning

WW Week 3 Literacy

WW Week 3 Maths

WW Week 3 Phonics

27th April 2020

Weekly Message – Week 2

0-10 Number Line – Mathematics

0-20 Number Line- Mathematics

0-30 Number Line – Mathematics

Blank Number Line 0-20- Mathematics

Blank Number Line 0-10-Mathematics

Christian Churches ppt – Additional Planning

High Frequency Words – Literacy

Puppet Show Script – Additional Planning

Tree Labelling – Literacy

Vegetable Word Mat – Literacy

WW Week 2 Additional Planning

WW Week 2 Literacy

WW Week 2 Maths

WW Week 2 Phonics (1)

20th April

Introductory Message

Places Star Grid Summer ’20

WW Week 1 Additional Planning

WW Week 1 Literacy

WW Week 1 Maths

WW Week 1 Phonics