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Bitterley C of E  Primary School

Bitterley C of E Primary School

"Be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love" (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

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Our curriculum vision:

Intent, Implication and Impact


At Bitterely School, we provide a broad balanced and aspirational curriculum for all. Our pupils are encouraged to identify links between and within subjects. They are exposed to rich subject specific vocabulary and the deliberate practice of key basic skills in order to strengthen memory and make information more retrievable.


Our learning values of independence, resilience, courage, reflection and motivation underpin the activities in each lesson. Growth Mindset is a reference point for all pupils who are encouraged to make mistakes in order to make progress, reflect on their learning, apply their skills and knowledge and embrace challenge.


We have been particularly careful to tailor our curriculum in order to meet the needs of our pupils, they are encouraged to explore and understand the geography and history of the rural area they live in, whilst also being introduced to urban and coastal settlements within the British Isles and the world.


Learning each term is project based, with a curriculum lead subject of science, history or geography. We acknowledge that some subjects may not fit into this cross curricula approach and these are taught discretely. We have consulted with the pupils in order to plan the learning projects, which include the teaching and learning of a deliberate mixture of knowledge and skills as set out in the National Curriculum.


Each project begins with a thought provoking question, designed to encourage the pupils to discuss, ask questions, form opinions and seek more information. The questions focus on inclusion, equality, diversity or responsibility and provide pupils with a clear understanding of their place in a global community and the opportunities experiences and responsibilities this offers them, encouraging them to explore the world as part of a life- long learning journey.


The well- being of our pupils is paramount, the school works together as one big family where pupils feel they belong. Our Christian vision of 'Be courageous; Be strong. Do everything in love.' is central to this. The curriculum ensures that pupils focus on developing healthy bodies and minds not just for now but for life. This includes enrichment beyond the classroom, where pupils can pursue personal interests and talents.


Pupils leave Bitterley School, ready to progress to secondary school with a range of skills and key knowledge, which they can apply to future learning. They are able to offer opinions and views as well as listen to and appreciate the beliefs, ideas and views of others. They understand their responsibilities and know that they are special because they are unique and valued.



We follow Read Write Inc to teach phonics and reading in KS1 and, where appropriate, in other areas of the school.


All children are benchmarked for reading and we use an additional assessment to acquire a reading age for pupils in KS2. They are then given a range of books matched to their abilities.